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Crawlspace insulation services in Kansas City

Whether you need under house insulation services in Independence, St. Peters, or Edwardsville, MO, we've got you covered!
Craawlspace Insulation Services in Edwardsville, St. Peters, and Kansas City, MO

The crawl space under a home can be the leading cause of air infiltration into the living space, can lose significant heat, and be a hospitable environment for animals, rodents, reptiles, and insects.

Lack of a uniform approach and access to crawl space insulation has resulted in a wide variety of insulation and sealing methods.

Historically, fiber insulation was the most commonly available choice to insulate crawl spaces, and was installed in the floor cavities.

Over time, building codes began to address problems caused by the fiber insulations tendency to collect and absorb residual water vapor from the ground below. This would trap it against the wood framing members, which can lead to insulation failure, mold, insect damage, and wood rot.

To address this problem, building codes adjusted to require vented crawl spaces that by theory would allow ventilation to help keep the space dry.

While this can be effective in dry climates, over time it was discovered that the ventilation allowed significant air infiltration of cold air in the winter and hot humid air in the summer.

Today most Kansas City area building codes require crawlspaces to be sealed spaces, which are insulated at the exterior walls with non-permeable insulation. Typically, contractors use spray foam insulation and rigid foam insulation panels, which are sealed with a professionally installed crawl space vapor barrier.

Regardless of your crawl space style or type, Kansas City Insulation can design a system to keep the living space above your crawl space more comfortable, healthy, and energy efficient.

Crawl Space Insulation

Kansas City Insulation is your preferred contractor for all your crawl space insulation and sealing needs.

We offer a full line of insulation supplies and services.

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